Friday, February 15, 2008

Chad Hunt

Following what seems to be my obsession with enormous cocks, I introduce Chad Hunt.

Hunt's film career began in 2000, and he continued working until 2004 when he took a one-year hiatus. In 2005, he signed a two-year contract with Lucas Entertainment to appear in that company's videos, and to direct a movie in 2007. However, following a dispute with Lucas over what Hunt considered to be a public embarrassment, the contract was canceled. In the summer of 2006, Hunt and Lucas reconciled, and Hunt has worked on several more Lucas Entertainment films.

Chad Hunt was married in 1992 and divorced in 96 and has one son. Was the cock gene passed on? Let's count, 1995 plus 18 is... 2014. He's only 13 now. A wise man once said "Old enough to pee, old enough for me."

What is it about big cocks?

Every man is already packing a whopper. This is actually true and lends some credence to the idea that there is selective pressure favoring larger penis size. After all, our closest relatives, the bonobo chimps, have penises that are substantially smaller than ours at 3 inches (and they're proud of them too). Gorillas at 1.5 inches would be the laughing stock of the shower room if they couldn't beat you to a pulp for even looking. Compared to most mammals, even deer boy is hung like a stallion. Evolutionary biologists have theorized that our relatively large penis size has evolved as part of ongoing selective pressures. Plausible enough. But again, we're talking sexual selection here, something vastly more powerful than adaptive selection. If the ideal penis size is eight inches, the top of the bell curve should be eight inches. The fact that it's not tells us that something else must be happening.

Or maybe it's fun to play with dangly things.

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