Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Most filthy porn I've seen in a while

Sorry, I've been sick. Back now.

Check out Freaks 2 from Wurstfilm. Awesome!

Yes thats Mukhtar Safarov with his 9x9 inch cock pissing in that guys mouth. Plus the gang rape, fisting and huge uncut cocks. Wicked naughty stuff. Amazing. Beautiful.

Also check out these rare pics of Brent.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's rare that someone's charisma and looks can get me going with the guy barely moving. Damien, Jason Sizemore, and Rodney from Sean Cody can.
Click these pictures to enlarge them, they're hot.

Here he is showing dildos up his ass with the guy from Charles in Charge.

One of the great things about Rodney is his expressions, you get the sense he's feeling sex in a way few others can.

Oh yes, and he has a PERFECT body and a cornbread sense ability.

The close up on his thighs in this Van Damme style pose.... Yikes!
You can download all Rodney's stuff here if you can torrent.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Miracle cum shot & Gay VN

Check out Barrett's ability from Big Dick Club. He needs to have live shows where he showers the audience with sperm, even the balcony seats. I wonder if he takes forever to orgasm like lots of guys with big dicks.

This past weekend was the Gay Video News awards. I was thinking of going. I should have, Barrett showed up on the red carpet with his dildo. Brilliant. There was apparently a lot of complaining about a cash bar in addition to the $100 entrance fee, it doesn't seem too high to me, you have literally everyone in gay porn in the same room for $100, get over it.

These 2 pictures are from a Polaroid session in the elevator before security came and told them not to be naked. How is it for the Folsom street fair people can fuck in the streets and you can't have cock at the gay porn awards? I wonder if the rules are looser in Chicago?

Brent Corrigan was there and "reluctantly" allowed this picture to be taken. Wtf is that? You've gone from being the bareback Traci Lords to finally having a little acceptance, get your picture taken! Pull a Kathy Griffin and fall out of your car onto the street a la Britney Spears.
In a recent blog post, Brent mentions his "partner" Grant, I need a picture of this guy. Kudos to Brent for not having a traditional (read: straight) relationship, but dear God I hope it's not another case of Sean Storm and Ian Rawlings. Sean Storm is this totally hot bareback slut and he's always showing this guy fucking him in his movies with a small cock, a big gut, and not showing his face, probably because he looks like the back end of a bus.

Ricky Sinz won best solo scene from Grunts. I gotta check that out, this guy is hot.
Barrett Long, Tiger Tyson and Ricky Martinez were in the back seat of a car. Who was driving? The police!” was one of the big jokes of the night. Apparently Barrett is trade.

Baby Scallies

These shots are hot, especially the first one. I got them from this blog and it says the models are from this site, but I can't seem to find them. Doesn't help the whole thing is in French.
I've never been into baby play before but the diaper thing... it's hot!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chad Hunt

Following what seems to be my obsession with enormous cocks, I introduce Chad Hunt.

Hunt's film career began in 2000, and he continued working until 2004 when he took a one-year hiatus. In 2005, he signed a two-year contract with Lucas Entertainment to appear in that company's videos, and to direct a movie in 2007. However, following a dispute with Lucas over what Hunt considered to be a public embarrassment, the contract was canceled. In the summer of 2006, Hunt and Lucas reconciled, and Hunt has worked on several more Lucas Entertainment films.

Chad Hunt was married in 1992 and divorced in 96 and has one son. Was the cock gene passed on? Let's count, 1995 plus 18 is... 2014. He's only 13 now. A wise man once said "Old enough to pee, old enough for me."

What is it about big cocks?

Every man is already packing a whopper. This is actually true and lends some credence to the idea that there is selective pressure favoring larger penis size. After all, our closest relatives, the bonobo chimps, have penises that are substantially smaller than ours at 3 inches (and they're proud of them too). Gorillas at 1.5 inches would be the laughing stock of the shower room if they couldn't beat you to a pulp for even looking. Compared to most mammals, even deer boy is hung like a stallion. Evolutionary biologists have theorized that our relatively large penis size has evolved as part of ongoing selective pressures. Plausible enough. But again, we're talking sexual selection here, something vastly more powerful than adaptive selection. If the ideal penis size is eight inches, the top of the bell curve should be eight inches. The fact that it's not tells us that something else must be happening.

Or maybe it's fun to play with dangly things.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More B Long

I knew there was more shots from that Masterpiece Theatre shoot, and here's one right here. Barrett with 2 dildos holding his huge cock. Where's the rest of this series? It so better be posted at his new site, which may never open. This shot was from his merchandise site. (And yes, I already own all of it).
Here's some more to tide me (and us) over.

Why the candle?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well, I wish I could post more often but my internet connection has slowed down to dial up speed which is pissing me off. Plus I spent 4 hours Sunday doing a post on my other blog posting What the Government of Canada Doesn't Want You To See. Check it out.
More details are out about Brent Corrigan's summit. Check out the trailer here.

In between these NEW shots of Brent, I must discuss my disappointment with the Barrett sites. The Hot Jocks site has a 3-day trial for $1.95. So you pay the $2, it automatically rebills, and this gives you access to ONE scene. If you want the Barrett scene, pay another $24.95. I guess it's kind of smart, they sucker you into paying a little and then you're so hot you pay for the whole shebang. So I did. With my new slower-than-ever internet, it only takes THREE HOURS to download one scene. Sheesh.

The other thing is the main Barrett site, XXX Amateur Hour. I'm so hot to get into this I almost wet my pants. This morning I wake up and there's a welcome message from Barrett, so I signed up at ANOTHER $25. Can't access the site. This afternoon there's a message saying the site is having problems. Where's my $25 going? Who knows.

The Barrett scenes on My Brother's Hot Friend and Men Hard at Work are directed by Sam Dixon, who directed Skateboard Sliders, my favourite porn ever.

Monday, February 11, 2008

3 new Barrett Sites

With the launch of his official site delayed (GRRRR!!!!), there are three new mini-sites up featuring Barrett.

I will pay for anything this man does but does it have to be on three sites? The first is Men Hard at Work (above) which looks like the best. The video is hot and the pictures are great.

The next is My Brother's Hot Friend. It doesn't really suspend disbelief when the picture on the wall of the "office" is the same as the one in the "living room" but I'll bite.

The last is Hot Jocks Nice Cocks with another nice couple of Barrett Shots.

Unfortunately this last site also has Brad Benton looking like crap, trying to look like Joey Stefano five minutes before he died... (but without the nice ass!)