Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well, I wish I could post more often but my internet connection has slowed down to dial up speed which is pissing me off. Plus I spent 4 hours Sunday doing a post on my other blog posting What the Government of Canada Doesn't Want You To See. Check it out.
More details are out about Brent Corrigan's summit. Check out the trailer here.

In between these NEW shots of Brent, I must discuss my disappointment with the Barrett sites. The Hot Jocks site has a 3-day trial for $1.95. So you pay the $2, it automatically rebills, and this gives you access to ONE scene. If you want the Barrett scene, pay another $24.95. I guess it's kind of smart, they sucker you into paying a little and then you're so hot you pay for the whole shebang. So I did. With my new slower-than-ever internet, it only takes THREE HOURS to download one scene. Sheesh.

The other thing is the main Barrett site, XXX Amateur Hour. I'm so hot to get into this I almost wet my pants. This morning I wake up and there's a welcome message from Barrett, so I signed up at ANOTHER $25. Can't access the site. This afternoon there's a message saying the site is having problems. Where's my $25 going? Who knows.

The Barrett scenes on My Brother's Hot Friend and Men Hard at Work are directed by Sam Dixon, who directed Skateboard Sliders, my favourite porn ever.

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