Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Porne Ultimatum

Details were announced recently for the Porne Ultimatum. I've been waiting for this for 6 months.

After getting the shaft and being shown on the cover of his last DVD with his butthole exposed and dripping semen:

Brent stated in his blog he thought the cover of the DVD should be more tasteful as "Any one can run across a DVD hidden in a drawer somewhere" but on Porne Ultimatum, his first project, I see hole on the cover. I personally disagree, I think more people will see the front cover than the back and the asshole from the nicest butt on the planet would make me more likely to buy the DVD. Although it may not be the most glamorous thing for Brent.

This DVD introduces Kaden Saylor (I don't think I'd heard his last name before) who is hot, but not Cole. Brent's in one scene with him.

Next up we have my man Barrett Long with Mason Wyler. Yikes, I must see this. Barrett has the potential to be the hottest thing in porn, he just needs to be more into the scenes sometimes. Lately he's been coming across as gay for pay, but if you've seen him get fucked in The Real Sword you know what he's capable of. Maybe he needs to bottom again?
Speaking of Mr. Barrett, he's teamed up with Dink Flamingo to present a new website. It's supposed to launch today with five DVD's ready to ship, a member's section and exclusive footage of Ben Andrews from his pre-Michael Lucas days. Will I go broke on this website? Possibly, but I won't have any money on my credit card until Friday anyway so I may have calmed down a bit by then. The thing's supposed to launch today, I've been clicking it once an hour, where the Hell is it? I'm a bit scared by the "Barrett acts as a presenter of a reality-show" theme because lately Barrett as Barrett sucks. Barrett as a sex god is still working.

The last 2 scenes, Kaden in a 3-way and with Mason Wyler. Again, reserving judgment.