Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brent Corrigan's Summit

Details were announced recently about a new Brent Corrigan DVD, Brent Corrigan's Summit.

Filming on this was completed about a week ago yet they still plan to release this before The Porne Ultimatum. I'm wondering why, less post-production? The disappointing thing is with Brent directing it and having a finger in every pie, he's only in 2 scenes.

Fortunately one of them is with the AWESOME Mason Wyler. I actually don't remember seeing him perform before but his pictures are HOT.

The cast.

Here he is again with Mason. I believe Brent has the best butt ever invented. The only concern I have is Dink Flamingo is producing this flick. He's done some awesome stuff, like everything Cole ever filmed:

(Cole is such a perfect bad boy barebacker, his mischievous side sets me on fire) but at the same time his recent collaboration with Barrett Long in Long Deployment 3 was terrible. (Download it here for free) How do you take a guy with a 13" dick and make bad porn? You don't show Barrett until 1 hr, 15 min into the movie and you have him jerk off with straight boys to straight porn, none of them able to take him up their ass despite repeated attempts. After waiting a year for new Corrigan material I have high hopes. And when the heck is his website going to launch?