Monday, February 18, 2008

Miracle cum shot & Gay VN

Check out Barrett's ability from Big Dick Club. He needs to have live shows where he showers the audience with sperm, even the balcony seats. I wonder if he takes forever to orgasm like lots of guys with big dicks.

This past weekend was the Gay Video News awards. I was thinking of going. I should have, Barrett showed up on the red carpet with his dildo. Brilliant. There was apparently a lot of complaining about a cash bar in addition to the $100 entrance fee, it doesn't seem too high to me, you have literally everyone in gay porn in the same room for $100, get over it.

These 2 pictures are from a Polaroid session in the elevator before security came and told them not to be naked. How is it for the Folsom street fair people can fuck in the streets and you can't have cock at the gay porn awards? I wonder if the rules are looser in Chicago?

Brent Corrigan was there and "reluctantly" allowed this picture to be taken. Wtf is that? You've gone from being the bareback Traci Lords to finally having a little acceptance, get your picture taken! Pull a Kathy Griffin and fall out of your car onto the street a la Britney Spears.
In a recent blog post, Brent mentions his "partner" Grant, I need a picture of this guy. Kudos to Brent for not having a traditional (read: straight) relationship, but dear God I hope it's not another case of Sean Storm and Ian Rawlings. Sean Storm is this totally hot bareback slut and he's always showing this guy fucking him in his movies with a small cock, a big gut, and not showing his face, probably because he looks like the back end of a bus.

Ricky Sinz won best solo scene from Grunts. I gotta check that out, this guy is hot.
Barrett Long, Tiger Tyson and Ricky Martinez were in the back seat of a car. Who was driving? The police!” was one of the big jokes of the night. Apparently Barrett is trade.

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jeffweho said...

I'm laughing at those 4' cum shots.

My Porn friend 'Spike' was staying at my house for some time. I went to the local Gold Coast bar and had a 3-way with two other hot guys. One was still horny so I asked him if he wanted to have another 3-way. When I got home Spike was upstairs. I asked him if he wanted to have a three way and he came right down. This guys immediately started fucking Spike by the rear window in my office. I pretty much just played with his balls and licked his dick a bit. After a few minutes I saw Spike shoot his load which flew right by my face.

About a minute later, Spike got some Kleenex, walked out of my office and into the hallway. I then realized his cum had landed way over there. He was very good about cleaning up. I was a bit surprised as to how far it went.

After reading your post today, I got a tape measure out. I did some measurements and at the minimum, Spike had shot a 15 foot load. If you have seen his movies you know he's a big shooter, but I was even a bit more shocked today when I actually measured it then when I saw it in person.

That's my cum-shot story.