Sunday, February 10, 2008

David Ashfield

While researching this post I came across a book called New York Sex 1979-85 by Gary Lee Boas about his life in the sex clubs of NYC in the early 80's and how he met David Ashfield and the two hit it off. The gallery page of the book seems to show a lot of vagina for some reason which may dissuade me from buying it.

Never playing the leading man, David Ashfield was a big part of porn in the mid 80's. He was probably best known for his best scene, from "The Pizza Boy... He Delivers!".

A search for David turned up wikiporno, which says basically nothing.

IMDB says he did a movie called White Wife, Black Cock in 2003 but a Google search turns up only a bunch of Asian threads.

This does list a little info, but how good is the source?
David Ashfield was a lanky almost twinky looking guy with a huge dick. As far as I know, David never bottomed in any video. Back in the day (before viagra), David Ashfield was rumored to be one of the most prolific "stunt cocks" in gay adult videos. According to legend, if you saw a gay sex scene in a video, chances were that the dick you saw secretly belonged to David Ashfield and the butthole may have secretly belonged to Robert Harris.

According to gossip, David Ashfield retired from "the business" and went to live on a farm in Montana or Wyoming (or some such place) with his lover.


john plante said...

Thanx for these pics. It's very hard to get pictures of the old legends, like David, Bobby Cordova, Joe Fuller and the rest of those mouth watering 70's and 80's pornstars. Too bad someone just dosn't have a blog just about them. They were too nice to be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Id like to know if anyone has contact information for David Ashfield-big part of my youth in the 80s through film, would love to meet this guy in person

Zephyr said...

There was a movie he was in where he was working underround in a man hole. Any idea the name of that movie?

cosmic.dave said...

Zephyr - the video was Surge's "Strange places-Strange things". The mag with the scene was called "Manhole Men".